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New perspectives in the multidisciplinary management of stroke associated with diabetes

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The program focuses on the MDT roles in the management of diabetic patients with a history or risk of stroke. Featuring a short eLearning module along with an interactive webcast, the MDT faculty (made up of neurologists, an endocrinologist and a primary care practitioner) discuss newer drug classes showing benefit in primary and secondary prevention of stroke.

After participating in this program learners will be able to:

Describe the acute management of hyperglycemia after stroke and benefits of newer antidiabetic agents in stoke prevention

Integrate antidiabetic agents into individualized management plans for patients following, or at risk of, a stroke who have concomitant diabetes

Discuss how to improve MDT collaboration to enhance outcomes and reduce the burden for patients with diabetes and stroke

Type of Course: One Part Year of Creation: 2021 Source: Industry Content Level: Collection

  • Webcast – ESOC 2021 | Medicine Matters insights
  • New perspectives in multidisciplinary management of stroke associated w/diabetes
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed